This event is the result of a close partnership between the INGOs Conference, the Parliamentary Assembly and the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities along with the Secretariat of the Bern Convention.

The Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe

with a membership of  over 400 members

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

composed of delegations of the 47 member countries parliaments

The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe

representing some 200 000 communities

A common commitment

To underscore their common objectives, these three pillars of democracy at the Council of Europe have signed a joint declaration on protection of Biodiversity. This high-level conference is a milestone for the development of the Council of Europe’s biodiversity policy strategy for the post-2010 period. It does reaffirm Europe's engagement in international efforts to preserve biodiversity

Blog of the Sustainable Territorial Development committee of the Conference of INGOs (French)

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