Biodiversity, a vital asset for Europe

Fran├žois Dugeny Director General of IAU-idF

Today the current rate of disappearance of species is a 1000 times higher than normal.

The principal causes of the destruction of the biodiversity are:
  • Changing environment (urbanisation and consuming space, pollution)
  • Fragmenting the landscape (urbanisation and infrastructures),
  • Invasive species which threaten insular environments.
  In Europe,10% increase in urban area development in 10 years, in France, it has reached15%, respectively multiplied by 2.5 and by 4 for the last century..

Exhibition realised by  IAU-Idf (institute of Urban planning and development of the Paris-Ile-de-France region) and Natureparif

Inaugural Speech by Jean-Marie Heydt, president of the Confrence of INGOs of the Council of Europe

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